Clearwater, Florida, United States

Credit Counseling

If you are struggling with paying your credit cards and other loans, Julian Counseling Service can help. Because of our special designation as a Non Profit Agency through the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) designation, we are able to extract certain concessions from most creditors. On average, we can reduce interest rates on credit cards to approximately 7% and monthly payments anywhere from 25% to 50%. We also recalculate the manner in which such interest is calculated, meaning the interest and balance is amortized over generally 48-60 months, much like a automobile loan. Credit card interest is typically calculated monthly and compounded, greatly increasing the amount of debt or interest that must be paid.

In addition, our Credit Counseling Program will allow you to re-age your accounts after generally three to six payments. That means that even if you are behind on your credit cards, those obligations can be brought current on your credit, provided you make anywhere from three to six on-time payments on your credit cards.

We then consolidate all of your credit cards and other eligible loans into one monthly payment. You make one monthly payment to Julian Consumer Counseling Service and we distribute the monies to your creditors.

Credit Counseling is not always beneficial to everyone. Our experienced counselors can evaluate your particular situation, calculate your monthly payment, and explain what benefits or distractions apply to your situation. You can then make an informed decision as to whether Credit Counseling is a beneficial alternative to other methods of treating debts.

After you enter the program, you can decide at anytime to discontinue the program. Simply contact our office and we will terminate the services. You will not be required to send any more payments towards paying such creditors and if you are having monies withdrawn from any bank account to make payments, such payments will be stopped immediately. We only ask that you inform our counselors at least fifteen days before such withdrawal is due, in order that we can take the necessary steps to stop such withdrawal. We will only make payments to your creditors if that is your intention and such monies are supplied in order that we may make such payments.